SHINee will SHINE again.

The boys of SHINee has finally made an official comeback in the K-POP industry with their newest album ‘Sherlock’!

The mini-album has garnered so much attention because of the quality of each song, especially tracklist number 4 – 알람시계 (Alarm Clock) which was written by SHINee members Lee Jonghyun and Choi Minho themselves.

Here is the official tracklist of Sherlock

1. Sherlock/셜록 (Clue+Note)

2. Clue

3. Note

4. 알람시계 (Alarm Clock)

5. The Reason

6. 낯선자” (Stranger)

7. 늘 그자리에 (Honesty) / Always at that Place

I quote SM Entertainment‘s statement that SHINee’s comeback is ‘world-class’ and that, “they are proud to present the best quality in music, style, and performance.”

Topping almost every music charts, SHINee’s definitely to take the center stage with songs Stranger and Sherlock.


-here’s their performance of Sherlock@M Countdown



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