[about the author]

well, uhh.. hi everyone who’s reading my blog… basically, this blog is all about k-pop.. why k-pop, well to feed my addiction on it.. well at first, this blog is suppose to be a blog dedicated only to super junior (that’s how i came with the name of the blog), but since i’m a real k-pop lover(addict, as my friends say), this blog is your ultimate k-pop guide.. xD


name: Julienne Navarra

nickname: ienne, enneilu, kae

age: secret ! 🙂 birth date: December 10

screen names (some are usernames): sapphireblueangel12, enneilu.leeteuk, leeteuk.donghae, .blue., enneilteukie12,  ayhenne_14

e-mail adds: julienne_navarra@yahoo.com, get.ienneated14@yahoo.com, navarraienne@ymail.com (please use the third mail, since it’s new xD)

affiliations & accounts:  angeleeteuk.com, twitter.com, pinaysumphonia.wordpress.com, http://www.facebook.com, http://www.friendster.com, yahoo messenger, http://www.allkpop.com, http://www.aririang.co.kr


what about you? well I’m a third year high school incoming 4th year next year. I enjoy k-pop a LOT! (looks like it xD). I enjoy sports too. To name some of it here are: volleyball, table tennis, chess, running (2oo m), and long jump will also do. well aside from k-pop, I also enjoy western music. bossanova, reggae, sometimes rock, well basically, it depends on my mood. 🙂 I’m also a foodie. I like travel and try new things. oha oha! xD well, it runs in my blood. my father is a seaman, so I like travel too.

why do you blog? as I have said awhile ago, it serves as an outlet of my out-pouring love over k-pop. I’m a certified [[.SAPPHiRE.BLUE.ANGEL.]] i love super junior in short. :0 there’s something about korea that’s keeping me wanting for more. if I were to conquer world, i’ll put korea as my capital. xDD


One Response to [about the author]

  1. gettrucked08 says:

    ohh.. I’m interested.. but you didn’t leave any e-mail add for me to reply on..

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