One and Only (Sequel)

Title: One and Only (Sequel)

Type: Two-Shot

Characters: Dara (2NE1) and GD/Jiyong (Big Bang)

Genre: Drama

Word Count: 1952

A/N: the sequel to One and Only (a daragon three-shot)



Things have been rough lately. And it was painfully enough for him that he couldn’t do anything for her. Is she okay? Is she hurt? Can she sleep well? Those questions have never been answered but nonetheless kept on running through his head. He can still clearly remember that fateful night when Dara heard him say himself how much he doesn’t like her.

“Hyung, do you like Dara-noona?” His bandmate Seungri asked him.

He laughed before answering. “What? That stupid noona? No. I mean c’mon. She’s older than me and she’s stupid. She’s just a noona, ok?”

He was about to say more when they heard the door slammed shut. He stood up to see who or what it was but only found a box nicely wrapped. He sat back down again completely forgetting what happened.

He and his bandmates have noticed she was not around as she is supposed to be, and her bandmates as well. And she has not been returning any of his calls or texts. Finally, he was called to YG’s office in a cloudy afternoon. He went, thinking he’d finally have the chance to know where the stupid is. And then he might give her a good scolding.

He knocked before entering. A cold ‘come in’ answered him.

“You called for me YG?” He said before coolly sitting down on a couch. YG was on his chair, busy on something on his desk.

“This coming Friday, I will hold a press conference for the 2NE1 girls.” He finally said as she walked towards Jiyong.

“Why? Yeah, did that stupid do something wrong again this time?”

YG charged and picked him up by his collar before punching him. Hard. He flew down the floor with blood dripping from his lips. YG picked up the tissue box on his desk and threw it at him before going behind it to get something from his drawer.

Before he could ask why the hell YG punched him, he threw the same nicely wrapped box at him.

“If I could, I would’ve punched you harder and many times as long as it really satisfies me. But then, I remember that she still loves you. But then again, you’re nothing but a big fat ass. And all this time, you still are.” He leaned against a wall.

“What are you talking about?” He managed to stammer as he wiped his blood.

“And you’re the one to speak, stupid. Don’t call her that again. Find out yourself why we will have the press conference. That one belongs to you. After you’re done, go out.”

That night, he mustered up the strength to open the box. He saw a letter and a watch. He opened the letter and recognized the hand writing: it was hers.

I’m overwhelmed with fear;

have I told you that you’re lovely?

Yes. More than anything, than ever.

Please laugh for me. Cry as well – I

consider your voice music.

Never whisper!

I’m afraid to miss whatever you say.

Tell me, “I love you.”

So that it’ll retain, even if,

the noises, along with it your singing,

drowned. Away. Forever.

Take care always. Stay well and healthy. You are who you are; you’re special.


He could only think of what she and YG are talking about. He thought about it until the day of the press conference came.

They were at a scheduled shooting for the upcoming MV they will release alongside with the new album, nonetheless he asked the production noonas to keep him posted about the press conference. It was his turn for the photo shoot when the news finally came.

“We are retracting Sandara Park’s contract with YG Entertainment, also known as Dara, due to ear problems that may cause her not to be able to continue her career as a part of the girl group 2NE1 under the said label.” YG said.

“Let’s hear now Dara’s statement.”

“Ay, yes. I have decided, alongside with YG himself, to retract the contract I signed with them due to my health, especially my ears. I have consulted with the doctor and he has advised me that if I continue to being exposed to loud noises which is the nature of my career as idol cannot be avoided I’ll be deaf in no time…”

All went black when he heard her say she will go deaf. At the exact time he heard the word deaf.

Has he waited for a year? No, he wasted a year for countless reasons he could think of. One of them is that he’s afraid of hurting her again. He can’t have her crying again the next time they see each other. Yes, he did try to talk to her after the press conference but failed. They only said hurtful things to each other, at least he said most of them; he’s admitting it. He still doesn’t know why she was avoiding him—she was trying to escape from him when they were alone that time.

“Don’t hurt me anymore as much as you have hurt me, Ji.” That was all she said before leaving him completely dumbfounded.

It was this night, like other nights he had, that he wakes up in the middle of the night to read her letter again. He opened the box, and there: still the letter folded and the unused watch. He first read the letter for about three times before finally deciding to check out the watch. When he was to put it around his wrist, a carefully tucked folded paper between the lock fell down the floor. He picked it up and then looked at it.

Mahal Kita.*

He can read it but can’t understand it. He knew the meaning of those words, but can’t remember it. He’s sure she taught him those Filipino words. He was so mad about it when he finally realized he could just surf on the net on its meaning.

He is so stupid for not realizing it all before a year was wasted. But it’s not all too late yet, right? How dumb of him that he even denied his feelings for her. He feared the most that she might not be feeling the same about him anymore. He feared that even than her not being able to hear anymore.

*Mahal Kita – Filipino for I love you


After parting, the two are still panting for air; fans crazy as ever before.

“I’m really sorry for everything. It’s still not too late to make it up to you? You can still hear right? Just even a little bit? You still love me right?” He said, still cupping her face.

She just nodded, and rested her head on his, her eyes still wet. He hugged her tighter, if that was even possible.

And then he whispered, “I love you. Baby I’m not a monster.”

Every new day is a gift: to be able to see things, colorful or not, to be able to feel the cold breeze or the warmth of the sun, to be able to smell the fragrant flowers or the scent of your loved one, to be able to taste the different flavors available, and finally; to be able to hear music or just the voice of that someone dear to you. How Dara felt so blessed every time she wakes up to the voice of him. But without the aids, she is good as deaf.

They have been residing on the outskirts of Seoul, finally decided to settle down after being in a relationship for two years, and Jiyong completely leaving behind the idol life as well—just for her. He was always there: never letting her out of his sight. After being married for almost five years, they’re still sweet in their own little ways. And finally, their love bore the most beautiful gift they could ever have, a baby girl.

She woke up a little earlier than him, a little unusual of her. Of course, she wanted to surprise him a breakfast in bed for his thirty-first birthday. She slid out of the bed while leaving him stirring in his sleep. After inserting her aids, she passed by Sanji’s crib, complete in awe while eyeing and caressing her baby, Jiyong’s and her baby.

It was a clear and lovely morning with the sun filling in their house, well ventilating it. The big picture frame hanged on the wall cases the memory taken from their wedding reception in Aman Pulo, Palawan. Her in a stunning cream beach dress and him in a gorgeous white long sleeves and a cream beach pants. She doesn’t know why, but she’s getting nostalgic today. She blamed the good weather that reminds her of the church wedding ceremony held privately with just their families and close friends as guests, no media allowed.

She have decided last night what menu she’s going with. And though he’s a way better cook than her, she knows he’ll be touched by her gestures. She put her apron as she fixed the ingredients for maple pancakes and crispy doughnuts. She happily whistled to any Big Bang song she knows—all of it. She admit it, she has been dreaming of this since long ago, just being in relationship with him was awfully enough but actually getting married and having a baby with him? She can’t hide fluffy feeling building up inside her.

She finished off the preparation with her specialty: mocha caramel latte. She brushed off the ill thoughts she was having suddenly. But how she feared all this beautiful things will come to an end without her knowing it. How she wished she was wrong.

She has weaved her way back to their room. Or at least she thought she did. The world have had receded—as if a black hole engulfed everything in her.

Are you okay baby?

She looked up to him, who was now shaking her aimlessly, trying to snap her out of her trance. The tears have rolled down without warning, without notice. What she feared the most have just had happened: she had spilled all of what she had made without him even tasting of anything of it.

Can you hear me?

Can she hear him? She was not sure. Finally, she has calmed down; everything slowly coming back, her senses even. She finally felt the hot coffee spilled over her feet, the warm pancakes and doughnuts on her lap, and the wetness of her cheeks. But, her hearing is as faint as it could ever have been.

“Are you alright baby? Can you still hear me?” She only nodded.

The reality finally struck her. It sent her waves of emotion, overpowered by calmness. She hugged him and nodded again while tearing up more. He felt her, he knows what’s she going through and let her do what she wants.

“I am not afraid. I know someday this will happen. Before anything worse, I want you to know how much I am happy that I met you. That alone made my world different. You’re a special part of my world, for made it all the while meaningful. Thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for loving me still. You’re something in my life I will never ever regret. Thank you for everything. I love you Ji.”

Both in tears, both also know what’s going to happen. “Tell me I love you one last time, Ji. I want to hear your voice.”

I love you Sandara Kwon, my one and only love.



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