Standing Ovation

Title: Standing Ovation

Type: One-Shot

Characters: Siwon and OC (You)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2558

A/N: thanks for my lovely Siwon A-Cha standee for this inspiration.



Like everyone else, Kim Eunji has her concerns. Her busy life as a daughter of a well-earning, if not rich, family, the eldest amongst her two siblings, and a Medicine student makes up those matters she have to deal with. And she makes her hands fuller by being a twenty-four-hour-a-day fan of, of course, nonetheless Super Junior – the Korean Wave leaders. Don’t even think about it: she could go on for days, a week maybe, and a month at most, talking about them. She has been an aficionada of the said band since their training days. And why not? She knows the Choi Siwon herself; Shisus only knows since when. They were close ever since, but then, just like any other young friendships, they grew distant as they chose separate ways. But then they still have a form of relationship, that is idol-to-a-fan relationship, deeper though, and still know each other. And need not to tell it, but just in case, yes he is her bias. (She rolled her eyes if you still don’t get why.)

On her rest days, and mind you those days are very rare, if she’s not busied by her tons of books to read or studying more, she could be found in her lair, as her youngest brother Jongin call it, locked up and fantasizing the boys, and of course the obvious. (She rolled her eyes on you again if you still wonder what.) Her family, friends, and co-Siwonest and co-ELF still wonder how she does it: that despite her uptight schedule, she can still squeeze in fan meetings, K-POP conventions (she has to be there because she’s a founder of a website for her bias), and of course, concerts.

With that being said, she have had just attended a recent fan meeting for Mr. Simple and A-CHA promotions. It was so enough that when it was her time to come up, she was so nervous because she’s coming up on stage first (“yes that’s VIP to you,” she said), Siwon squeezed her hand secretly and beamed the sweetest smile he could to say he loves and acknowledges her presence here. And oh how she jumped for joy, literally, when she finally had an authentic, and by authentic it meant it was from SM Entertainment, life-size standee of her bias. It was a first for they finally let a fan have a standee. And so this adds up to things to do on her free time: to seize up the standee she placed in front of her queen-size bed every now and then. Oh, not just free time but every fucking time she can. (She says she’s not sorry for using the term, you get what she means, right?)

Her rest day today, however, was different. Different because her not-so-good-influence friends have finally succeed in persuading her to come and join them in a night of fun. Wild and hot fun, as her friends call it, at a newly opened club.

“Oh come on, now it wouldn’t hurt come with us, right? ‘Sides you’ve been declining our offer since we’ve entered college. Girl, you need a damn break from all the studying and fangirling. What are your riches for if you don’t spend them on yourself? And don’t start with the shit that buying CDs, merchandises and other fan shit are what you consider spending money for yourself.” Her so good influence friend told her over the phone.

“But-” She cut her off. “No buts dear. Stop with the excuses. You only got one subject to attend tomorrow that is fortunately was suspended. Don’t ask me how on earth I knew. You need to see the world has to offer for you. It has a lot, other than your boys. Now I need to get your butt here at ten sharp. Fetch us or we will have to drag your ass to the club. Now, you wouldn’t want that, do you? Okay, see you!”

She hated the fact that she was leaning into looking forward the night. Her family was not around; gone for the weekend to some family reunion abroad and she would have gone with them too, if only she knew earlier her schedule was postponed. Not that she will have trouble asking permission from her parents if they were present, it’s just that she doesn’t want after-party videos blackmailing her first thing in the morning by her pranksters little brothers. Did she ever mention how they make her life hell when they take it on her? Now you know. And maybe, that’s just another alibi piled up to excuse herself from going to club and such.

She was breathing in and out to calm her nerves before honking in front of her friend’s house to signal she came. And how she’s been constantly checking herself at the rear mirror of her to see if there are glitches on her appearance.

“And I thought bitch isn’t coming over and that we still have to drag your ass with us.” Her friend guilelessly commented as they settled at the back seat. She rolled her eyes and sped off her month-old Fisker’s Karma, as a gift of finally graduating and moving on to proper medicine studies.

The place was crowded, how cannot be? It was thudding with bass coming from the speakers all over the place, dimly lit by spotlights, probe lights and such. They went in: her friend have managed once again to use up her ever-benefiting connections. Eunji suddenly felt like she couldn’t do this, being at a club for the first time in years. As they seated on one corner of the club, she quickly ordered drinks, she missed the taste of tequila sunrise. Another excuse – she wanted to man up herself first before taking over the dance floor.

She walked towards it confidently, heads definitely turning just to see a glimpse of her, and her well-flustered face. She was having the time of her life when, a man, dressed in so much fashionable way with shades on, asked her to dance with her. She was more than tipsy; she heard the man mutter some more words but cannot comprehend what were those so she nodded, and then came some sexy talking which she understood. Bodies now grinding, his scent, another excuse, is definitely capturing her full attention. They pulled their selves together, if ever that was possible. Hands running, all over to places, heating up the passion burning in each other bodies. How she wanted to take off the sunspecs of the man, but before she could she felt his lips crashed onto hers, with his hands positively on her buttocks, squeezing it. She was so sure about that, and about the throbbing pain swelling up between her legs.

By the end of the heated passion, she sure was drunk, nevertheless. Shisus only knows how, but she felt herself on top of her bed. She was sure because the thuds of music gone: only the silence and the familiarity of her room. And she tried to sit up but failing, nonetheless not failing to see Siwon’s standee looking at her.

“Hey Wonnie.” Her eyes now shut. How she felt her cheeks flushed with shame when she remembered she kissed a random man at the club. “Shit. I didn’t mean to cheat on you. I swear, but I will not deny it. I hope though you’d forgive me, Wonnie. I have only wanted only you to kiss me, to fuck me. Only you.”

She heard him chuckle. If she was hearing things or not, she was too tired and too wasted to care. “Really. Oh how I wanted to do all those perverted thoughts I’ve been having from you.” And as if her senses were tricking her, she felt someone touch her. She looked up, and reached to the face in front of her. He was real.

“And now I’m seeing you. See? This is what you’ve been doing to me.” She shut her eyes again to clear up her vision. And as she opened her eyes, he spoke. “I’m real. See? The standee’s over there.” She laughed as she closed her eyes. “I must be dreaming then.”

“You are then. I’m the Siwon standee. Look.” She turned her head to see if she heard right. “And you can do anything to me since this is a dream.” He was right: the standee can no longer be seen. And before she could say anything else, she felt her mouth being pried by his mouth. How it felt warm and his tongue was sure playing its wonders on hers. It felt so wonderful, neither rough nor soft, just right for the both of them with heat obviously building up. He was on top of her, and how she could feel his desire that seemed hard long before, and her nether region heating up again. And when they finally parted their lips, both were panting for air.

“How I’ve been achingly to do this to you,” she heard him whisper to her ear while he was busy caressing her body with carefulness; no he was cautiously undressing her.

How easy it was for him because she was wearing a short dress. He teased her by kneeing her ever so lightly between her legs and received a moan and an embrace, as he tried to sit her up. What a sight she was to him – only in her lustrous, laced underwear. She did him a favor by helping him undress as well. As soon she was done, she lightly toppled him down, she was awed by the sight she was seeing: like real chocolates, she wanted to eat up his toned chest. She started by kissing him on the collarbone, lingering on his nipples a little longer, suckling and giving same attention to each as she feared they might be jealous to one another. She sloppily trailed more kisses until she was facing his aching hard-on, and she could feel the throbbing pain in between her legs as well. She skillfully unbelted and unzipped the man, and then throwing to wherever his jeans. Now his wet underwear is the only thing standing between her mouth and his proud member. She kissed it ever so lightly, licking the dripping passion from it, and teasing him at the process.

She boldly undressed herself and then continued on to her business. She told him to sit up, so that she could look at his eyes lustfully. She willfully took in his full length in her mouth definitely filling her mouth. She hummed first, earning him to thrust his hips forward, almost choking her. How she did wonders with her warm mouth, he could only think. But all he can say at the moment were moans. And when she finally picked pace, he was incoherent. All the more when she gently cupped his twins; squeezing them while never losing the rhythm the two have set.

“Oh God, I’m coming.” And as he exploded inside her mouth, swallowing the sweet and salty taste of him, while she can definitely feel the warm wetness coming from in between her legs. She sat on top of him; she did not, however, slid him inside her yet. She leaned forward, her hand on his ruffled locks and the other playfully touching his back, and whispered, “Touch me everywhere you want to.”

They were plump and firm, these breasts. He pinched the nipples as she arch her back, giving him a full view of her hardened, pink nipples, like little stones. He pleasurably sucked on each. His left arm under her shoulders, his right hand travelling down and feeling the heat and moisture from her lower lips, and finally, his thumb on her pubis. He bit her nipples before finally stopping with them to full concentrate on her throbbing wetness, and he could definitely feel his becoming hard again. He pinched her inner thighs and finally played with the firm clitoris. She felt absolutely nothing but desire as she became aware of his hard member brushing against her mound and his fingers doing wonders inside and out of her in rhythmic pattern. He withdrew his fingers out her as she gushed out, spilling over him and his right hands. He wanted to taste her and so he licked his hands and finally into her mouth, closing it with another lust-driven kiss, a little rougher than those before. And, with her own hands, she finally let him inside her, however not breaking the kiss.

“You’re so tight.” He moaned to her, and she winced a little at the whole new length inside her now. She first adjusted to it. And finally, she commenced to straddling him. She was first grinding her butt to him, and then lastly, moving into a rhythm, her breasts rubbing on his hard chest giving them more pleasure. He moved with her; rocking his hips forward and back, in perfectly sync with her straddling.  How she surely loved when he hits her G-spot and how surely he was satisfied with her tightness and moans.

They picked up pace. “Come with me.” He euphoniously said to her. The erratic breathing and the slapping of their bodies ever so soundly drove the two to their wits end, and then finally reaching their climax and collapsing together, side by side.

Still panting, he reached for her face and gave her the most heated and most passionate kiss he ever gave yet. When they parted, she smiled and said, “Kiss me. I mean, really kiss me.”

She must’ve been sleeping so long that light filling her room from outside burns her skin. She covered her face, to fight for more sleep but lost. She in the end struggled to lift her eyelids, and when she finally did, the sun shone frantically saying it was already noon. Her body was so sore. She wasn’t sure why, but was certain she did have the most perverted dream yet. She stayed still when she thought it might not be so she checked the standee.

And there it was: Choi Siwon printed on a glossy cardboard, was still holding the camera, in a black get-up, unmoving and still rooted to the same place. She put her hands over her face. “God, that was sure the most perverted dream yet.” And the horror struck her – she was completely naked and someone came out of the bath, fully catching her attention, half-naked with pristine toned chest, glazed with droplets of water that looked better in broad daylight. His wet locks dripping down his face, and a towel hanging over his shoulders. What an immaculate image that she have only seen on dramas.

A was smirk plastered on his face. She thought she must be dreaming again when she finally recognized who the person in front of her, and who is now approaching her with lustful eyes. She heard herself say as he sat beside her, caressing her face, and a smirk on her lips as well. “Maybe not.”




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