SJ-M stays in Taiwan to learn Chinese!


SJ-M or Super Junior-M, a subgroup of the Korean boyband Super Junior, basically targets the Chinese music scene that’s why their songs are in Chinese or Mandarin. Now, having new members with them, Sungmin and Eunhyuk (both are Koreans), the group strives hard to improve more. if not perfect, their Chinese skills.

I know there are a lot of ELFs out there (like me^^), and I hope we will show our love and support for our boys.

Here are more pictures of them while staying in Taiwan. Enjoy! 😛

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KBSWorld releases line-up for the month of April


KBSWorld releases their line-up for the month of April. And boy it’s fantastic! 🙂

go to this link to see it on your own. –>

(cr: @kbsworld twitter)

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4MINUTE releases ‘Heart to Heart’ MV & EP

The ladies of 4minute have been delivering daily teasers over the past week, with the latest release being a video teaser for their title track, ‘Heart to Heart’. Now, both the Heart to Heart EP and Heart to Heart MV have been released!

The EP has 5 tracks in all while the MV features CNBLUE’s Jungshin. Check out the MV below and some of the select tracks from the EP below. Also remember to support the girls by purchasing the album.


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Allkpop brings you…

As the leading authority of the hallyu wave around the world, allkpop is proud to be the premier source for the hottest and freshest Korean entertainment gossip and news to the online global audience. OnApril 30th, we’re stepping out of the internet and into Los Angeles for the annual Korean Music Festival!

2011 marks allkpop’s second year as an official sponsor for the Korean Music Festival, and we’re excited to be meeting our readers & fellow K-pop fans in person! The same morning & afternoon of the concert, allkpop will be participating in the official pre-concert festivities at the Hollywood Bowl venue right outside the stadium.

With our resident DJ REX ROWDEE performing his freshest k-pop mixes LIVE at our booth, allkpop staff will be giving away autographed merchandise, and other concert goodies for free. We’ve also confirmed some very special guests to visit our booth to sign autographs and provide photo ops, so keep your eyes peeled for surprise appearances throughout the day!


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UKISS’ tweets from MONGOLIA!^^

1st tweet: Kevinwoo91 Kevin Woo
Finished our performance in Mongolia! So surprised to see so many Kiss Me here! Thank you so much for your love! We feel so welcomed! ^^
2nd tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio
So GLAD that there are lots of KISS-ME in Mongolia too! (^v^)/~♥ Like I said, will show u guys the BEAUTIFUL views of Mongolia! Here we go~!
3rd tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio 

On our way to Mongolia, the sky was BEAUTIFUL~! ^-^)b Like an ocean in the sky~♥
4th tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio
As we got nearer, I thought the CLOUDS were frozen, but it was the frozen LAND! Wow~!^^
5th tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio 

Finally, the SUN above ICELAND~ and then arrived, seeing lots of ice mountains around~♥
6th tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio
Now we r having dinner~ Hope that Mongolia & Korea can maintain a good relationship!♥*^^* Mongolia & Korea 화이팅!! GOD bless~♥
last tweet: alexander_0729 Alexander L. Eusebio 

Gotta go now~ [Wi-fi dying] TTYL!! @victoriaeusebio Like u said, found wi-fi~! LOL~~
(all of the pictures and texts posted in this entry is copyrighted. all credits belong to: Kevinwoo91 and alexander_0729
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a daily rendezvous!

heya guys! it’s been a while since my last post. like dated last march. 😛 anyway, i’m trying to revive my blog back.^^ so for today, i’m gonna be updating you guys about taeyang’s new single entitled ‘I’ll be There’. for those who doesn’t know the song yet, it’s his follow-up single for ‘I Need a Girl’.

here’s the vid. enjoy!^^

and oh, since i wanna make up to my old readers (hope you’ll read my blogs again), i’ve decided to add a new topic here. so aside from giving you guys news about the kpop world,  i’ll be teaching you guys some basic korean words that you can use.^^

btw, i’ll be only teaching the polite form of the words. we wanna keep the friendship right? 🙂


네. (ne)


*안이요. (aniyo) 안이오. (anio)

*note: can be interchanged.


맞아. (maja)


뭐. (mwo)


누구. (nugu)


어디. (eodi)


언제. (eonje)


어디. (eodi)


언제. (eonje)


왜. (wae)


어떻게. (eotteoke)


이거. (igeo)


여기. (yeogi)

I Love You.

사 랑해. (saranghae)

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miss A’s second teaser, released!

First, miss A teased us with a photo of the four girls showing only their torsos and feet. Now, the second picture is here, and it’s going to make all of us even more anxious.

One thing is for sure, the girls sure know how to leave their fans hanging on the edge of a cliff. Their teaser photos look simple, but the photos are very mysterious and intriguing in a way.

This one shows more of their funky outfits, and i’m really liking this new look over the one they had for “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

Are you guys liking this new look?


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U-Kiss was overwhelmed by Kiss Me Pinays!


Korean boy band U-Kiss got the shock of their lives when 5,000 fans trooped to their first mall show at SM Megamall last Friday (March 26). The Pinoy Kiss Me’s screamed, cheered, chanted, danced and sang to all their songs most especially “Man Man Ha Ni” and their current single “Bingeul Bingeul”. Fans were already lining up as early as 7:30 am in order to get an advanced copy of U-Kiss “Only One” CD which came with an exclusive U-Kiss Philippine Promo Tour Poster. When the members of U-Kiss came out on stage, the pandemonium officially started and all you could hear were voices of thousands of screaming fans! After the performance, the U-Kiss boys found out that they sold more than 1,000 CDs and were speechless by the huge sales they made on their first mall appearance. According to SM Mall personnel, U-Kiss first day CD sales broke the peak sales record of another K-Pop act who performed at SM North Edsa, The Annex ! Still dumbfounded and ecstatic by the sales results, the boys were only able to sign 200 CDs. Fans felt sad and the management decided to re-schedule another fan signing for SM Megamall fans on March 28 (Sunday).

During their last mall show at SM North Edsa, The Annex last Sunday (March 28), a bigger crowed showed up and SM security personnels saw fans lining up at the entrance of the mall as early as 5am. When the mall gates were opened, the fans started running to the 4th floor for another cue in order to be the first 300 CD buyers to get their CDs signed. Other fans who came early but failed to make it to the first 300 started weeping but still bought U-Kiss CDs just to get a glance of their lovable idols!

By 2pm, U-Kiss officially broke the sales record they set last Friday by selling more than 1,300 CDs ! Already informed about not getting their CDs signed, fans still bought the CDs and decided to stay and support the U-Kiss boys on their last mall show in the country. Such devotion and support for the boys paid off when U-Kiss personally requested their management that they wanted to sign 300 more CDs! That’s a total of 900 CDs signed that day, including the SM Megamall fans who came back ! The total CD sales of U-Kiss surpassed the P1,000,000 (One Million Pesos) mark for just 3 days! When the boys learned that they broke their own sales record, they jumped and congratulated themselves! When they appeared on stage, the screaming could probably break another world record as thousands of fans sang together with the boys! U-Kiss were having so much fun during the fan signing and started clowning around on stage, interacting with the fans and waving to the crowd!

According to Kiss Me Pinay (U-Kiss Philippines Fan Group), their membership tripled during and after the U-Kiss Promo Tour and on MYX Chart, their current single “Bingeul Bingeul” has already entered both the MYX International Top 20 and MYX Hit Chart. In today’s (March 30) MYX Daily Top 10, U-Kiss “Bingeul Bingeul” are one of the only three K-Pop music videos that charted alongside Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry-Answer” and Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!”. All these 3 K-Pop acts’ albums are released locally by Universal Records!

U-Kiss Philippine Promo Tour was brought to us by Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc.or PEP, in cooperation with SM Supermalls, GMA, Friendster, MYX and Universal Records. PEP is planning to bring the boys back this May for a show in a bigger venue.

Universal Records will release “Only One” CD in selected record stores nationwide on March 31. Every purchase of the CD comes with a U-Kiss Version 2 Poster.

credits: Universal Records Philippines

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2AM’s I Did Wrong

a really great rather a really awesome mv as well as the whole song. way to go 2AM. 🙂

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Kara wins Music Bank over 2AM and T-ara!

After missing from M! Countdown yesterday, the KARA girls resumed normal service as they performed on the March 26th episode of Music Bank.

It has been a pretty decent promotion for KARA, having claimed awards on M! Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo and also invented the emergency exit dance. And after much confusion last week, the KARA girls managed to win again for the 3rd consecutive time with over 10,000 points against T-ara and 2AM. Congratulations to them.

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