Annyeong! everyone who’s reading my blogs. I’m on a day-off or rather hours-off for this moment. It’s been quite a hectic week for me. Filling in those days that I haven’t blog. It’s been a week now since I started blogging k-pop and my schedule is getting jam-packed again. U-kiss’ promotional tour this coming 26th of March, so many artists making their comebacks, practices for recognition and stuffs like that. 🙂

So for now, I’m quite taking break then off to blogging tomorrow afternoon. So I was wondering (still) about what I would write on my letter for the u-kiss boys or rather Dongho or Eli. (Still not that fixed on whom I should write to.) I still have some 4 days minus 2 (because of sched) so 2 days left before I go to U-kiss’ promotional tour here in Manila, Philippines. I guess it’s one way of filling in of my broken dream because unfortunately, I can’t go to the upcoming SUPER SHOW II here in Manila. I’m a really big fan though of the SuJu boys (esp. my bias Leeteuk) and I’m really hating myself for not being able to go there. I actually I have the money. But because of a schedule that can’t be cancelled during that same day (Apirl 10th), I’m actually thinking of U-kiss’ promo tour as a substitute.

I really need some help on this. And I was wondering on what should I write and what gift should I give (either to Eli or Dongho). Eli, mainly because I really like him. Besides it wouldn’t be that hard to write coz’ he can read and speak english. Dongho because we’re of the same age and at the same time I happen to like him too.^^

What you think guys? should I give them both or just one of them? and what should I give them? something they can use or something memorable? *sigh* it’s really hard to think. 😦 need some suggestion here.

–the author.


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