Time Management: School or Career?

As the younger generation debut sooner and sooner, it’s been quite a topic in balacing school and career activities. Many stards nowadays are emerging form the 90’s making it an issue that is not uncommon to train a middle-schooler and debut on their highschool days. This can be seen with recently pointed out stars such as Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, f(x)’s Sulli, Krystal, and 4minute’s Kwon Sohyun to create the “girl group ‘94 line.”

Managers who are in charge of these idol singers with middle school and high school identities tend to visit the idol’s teacher rather than the singer’s parents or the singer themselves. This is due to the fact that a student can graduate only if they fulfill certain attendance requirements. Although this differs from school to school, because the number of attendance required must be fulfilled, young idols tend to use various methods to fulfill requirements such as coming to class partially for the day.

T-ara’s Jiyeon is in her second year of high school where she told a reporter, “At school, I want to meet friends and study. But when you start planning out the schedule, it becomes difficult since there’s simply not much time left.”

New high schooler U-Kiss’ Dongho also revealed, “I rarely have time to go to school. Next Monday, it was decided I would attend school. I’m already excited.”

In order to appear on a music program, you need to start preparing your hair, makeup and other things early on in the morning so the day becomes short. These music programs are centered on airing during weekends so technically you can say that weekdays are more of the “free days” for singers. However, during these “free days,” stars have to appear on radio programs, film, or prepare for their next stage so even if they make time to attend school, they often just end up showing their face.

BUt in my opinion, as the same age as theirs, I don’t think it’s particulary right ot debut at such a young age. Although they may learn too soon and mature but, wouldn’t it be taking away their chance to enjoy thier childhood? Well it’s their decision not ours.

credits: allkpop.com


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