ZE:A’s comeback concept, revealed!

After debuting with their hit single ‘Mazeltov’ and finally staging their last performance in KBS’ Music Bank (Inkigayo) last month, ZE:A is now coming back with a more manly concept!

On the 19th, ZE:A’s management company Star Empire and the group’s official fan cafe site revealed part of the pictures for their second single jacket.

In the pictures, ZE:A members are shown wearing leather jackets and sporting Mohican hairstyles, shedding their young boy image. These boys are revealing a more mature side of themselves.

Star Empire stated, “This coming March 25th, ZE:A is planning to release a second single. We are planning to show ZE:A with a much more mature and manly feel, so please show a lot of interest and anticipation.”

Meanwhile, with their upcoming single to be released soon, ZE:A plans to first reveal a teaser for their music video.

here’s some photo of the boys to stir you up!


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3 Responses to ZE:A’s comeback concept, revealed!

  1. Floor Lamp says:

    ~.. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ,-~

  2. galing nio .. great… mahal ko kayo… frn ure fan here in the philippines

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