K-pop january-march 2010

Again, it’s been months since my last update so what I’m planning now is that I’ll just post the new launched mvs by various groups, either boy groups or girl groups. I’ll be giving some info about the vid. enjoy!


Here’s the mv of Girls’ Generation ‘Oh!‘ which is the carrier single of their first studio album also entitled ‘Oh!’

T-ara is coming back with their new hypnotic concept with the single ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’

Another girl group coming back with a new ‘sexy concept’ with their hit single ‘Lupin’ is Kara

After their hit single ‘Am I That Easy?‘ here comes another strong song from U-Kiss and Brave Siblings ‘Round and Round’

After debuting independently in Japan, C.N. Blue is taking over Korea with their hit song ‘Loner’

that’s it for now. I’ll be posting more on my next posts so stay tuned. 🙂


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