sharing insights^^

in the past days, i was so preoccupied with my exams and so i was REALLY REALLY busy. but this time since i have my time in my hand (no more schedules!, yess!!) thhis blog was actuall intended for super junior news and fanfics only. but since i don’t have plenty of time, i decided to just post any kpop news anyway.

without further ado, i made this post to justify my current addictions. new MVs of kpop groups i adore!! (yehey!! cheers!)

first vid: Sorry Sorry Answer MV  by Super Junior (yep, my boys just recently released the official MV of their new song, Sorry Sorry Answer) mannn!! my husband teukie looked so hot in the couch. there goes his bad boy image again.^^ but sad to say to all kangin and kibummie biaseds for they’re not included in the MV.

2nd vid: Man Man Ha Ni/ Am I That Easy? by U-Kiss (oohhhh meenn!!, Kevin looked so matured! i love his new image. :))

last vid: Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior – M (the single after super girl. this vid is a ballad unlike super girl.)

hope you all enjoyed!! all credits of videos to:


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