2ne1 barbie dolls?!

Looks like the sensational rookie group 2NE1 is hitting it big time! Forget CF’s and concerts, those are little league things. You know you’ve really hit the jackpot when you get dolls modeled after you!

Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, and CL all have their own dolls, which took 4 months to develop. The dolls are about 60 cm (12 inches) tall and they allegedly have joints that allow for “a variety of possible actions.” (If you thought of something dirty, consider therapy…)

The producers of the dolls said, “The figures aren’t just cosplay clothes thrown onto generic dolls. They are designed to actually represent the 4 members.”

The dolls will debut as a part of the 2009 Doll Show held at the COEX Artium in Seoul.

Over 400 artists and craftsmen participate in the show, contributing dolls of all kinds.

Personally, I think that they’re just creepy…

To find out more, check out the Doll Show website here (in Korean), and be sure to check out the official fan forum for 2NE1, 2NE1 – YG Ladies.

credits: ww.allkpop.com


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