Ukiss’ dongho was rushed to ER

It has been revealed late that Dongho of U-Kiss was rushed to the emergency room last weekend.

During the filming of KBS 2TV Invincible Baseball, which was held on the 20th – 22nd, Dongho participated in a baseball match with the other cast members of the show in Jeju Island.

All was going well until Dongho returned to the dormitory after the first baseball game on the 21st, complaining of stomach pains. He was rushed to the emergency room on the 22nd and immediately received an IV injection.

A representative from his agency said, “Dongho must have felt pressured about the match … He had enteritis.

For those of you who are wondering what in the world an enteritis is, it is the inflammation of the small intestine, usually caused by eating or drinking substances that are contaminated with bacteria or viruses (thank you, Wikipedia).

Although the U-Kiss member was absent from the filming for Invincible Baseball on the 22nd, he is feeling much better now and his regular activities will resume as planned. In a recent encounter with some reporters, Dongho even reassured them with a bright smile, “I am fine now.”


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