SHINee live in CCP! :)


For all the pinoy k-pop fans out there, November is the month to be jolly.

According to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), popular boy group SHINee along with rap duo Mighty Mouth

will be heading to the Philippines on November 27th to perform a free K-pop concert for the fans. From the article:

” To cap the year-long celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and the Philippines, the Korean Embassy will hold on November 19-27 the Korean Cultural Festival, which will let Filipinos have a taste of Korean food, dance, music, theater, and arts.

But the most-awaited event in the week-long festival is the free K-pop concert scheduled on November 27. It will feature popular Korean front acts like boyband Shinee, jazz band Winterplay, and energetic rap duo Mighty Mouth. In an email message to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Blaise Regacho, Executive Assistant on Economic & Cultural Affairs for the Korean Embassy, said the concert was borne out of several petitions by avid K-pop fans in the country, to bring Korean stars to the Philippines. Shinee was the first group they were able to get, she added.” – PEP

Good news for the K-pop fans in the Philippines. Hopefully SHINee’s Onew is fully recovered from swine flu before he heads to the country. Boys Over Flowers star Kim Bum recently visited the Philippines to film a CF with Maja Salvador.


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3 Responses to SHINee live in CCP! :)

  1. gettrucked08 says:

    waahhh!!!! really want to go.. damn school… :((
    but anyway i like sj more..
    but i’m a k-pop fan,,,

  2. selena says:

    Yay!! 🙂 I’m sooo excited…i want to get the opportunity to meet them in person but i cant bcoz its on friday and we have classes..arrggghh…>:( i wish there’ll be no classes on nov.27 fri XD I hope it will really happen *wishing* so that i can go to CCP and see them.gosh, i really love SHINee…my oppas, jonghyun, minho, taemin, key and onew ❤ please post videos of their performance which they'll perform on in CCP ON NOV. 27 on youtube.please please 🙂

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