Kim Bum, off to Japan

After his success in the shooting of the CF R.C. Cola with co-star Maja Salvador and his visit in London, England, he then will fly off to Korea then to JApan. (whew! what a hectic schedule!)

here’s the full news…

On November 2nd, Kim Bum returned to Korea after his trip to London, England. He won’t have much time to rest because he’s scheduled to be in Osaka, Japan for a fan meeting on November 8th. He’s also planning to release his first single album during the trip as well.

At the previous Japanese fan meeting, Kim Bum sang I’m going to meet her, a promotional song for Boys Over Flowers. He recorded a Japanese version of the song and will be releasing this single in Japan.

more pic of kim bum in London… (just for you guys!! :))

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2 Responses to Kim Bum, off to Japan

  1. chezca says:

    hello kim bum you r so handsome…………… i wish i can see u in personal in the philliphines

  2. chezca says:

    hello . u r so cute…talaga.saranghe…….

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