Minzy’s showing her ‘moves’

2NE1‘s maknae Minzy (Gong Minji) released a photo of herself showing a good amount of skin, and it is HOT.

Although she is short in stature, her S-line is prominent and already highly developed. Her sexy body coupled with her cute baby face makes for an orgasmic nice selca.

Minzy stated, “Hi everyone! Did you vote for the upcoming MAMA awards on November 21? Coming up on MAMA! MINZY… GO GET’ EM… Step right up.”

Blackjacks commented, “Her figure is too good,” “She’s so skinny,” “Such a cute face, but such a sexy figure,” “Cuteness and hotness put together.”

With SM boycotting MAMA and the Wonder Girls off promoting in the US, it looks like YG is poised to take over this year’s awards.


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