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One of Korea’s hottest boy groups, Big Bang, has been featured in TIME magazine. Usually when we report about Korean stars in magazines, they are in the Korean issue, but not this time! The magazine is also known for presenting Rain as one of the “World’s Most Influential People,” which is also mention in this article. It seems like TIME can’t get enough of kpop!

Big Bang was featured on their website as a Korean band that is currently trying to make it into the Japanese music scene. The article is titled, “How to Crack Japan: The Big Bang Theory.” How perfect is that? The story talked about how famous kpop stars set their sights on the Japanese market and that out of all the Korean bands that want to make it in Japan, TIME magazine called Big Bang the “most promising.”

The author doesn’t cease with the compliments towards the quintet group as they go on about the group’s “fluid raps and great vocal harmonies” and unique style of hip-hop music.

It seems as though everyone can agree that Big Bang has what it takes to be able to get attention in America. After getting in a big name magazine like TIME, which is a big deal for international artists, the boys just keep on proving themselves capable.


After 2PM‘s auction for Lotte Thermometer of Love event was temporarily closed due overwhelming false bids, the auction has reopened today.

Jaebeom’s clothes before went up to almost $2 million dollars, generating much interest between bidders. With the auction restarting at 10,000 WON (approx $8 USD), he still has the highest bid among 2PM members, as his clothes are up to $610.

Current bids:
Jaebeom is at 732,700 WON, approximately $610 USD
Junsu is at 149,000 WON, approximately $124 USD
Wooyoung is at 345,100 WON, approximately $287 USD
Nickhun is at 242,000 WON, approximately $202 USD
Taecyeon is at 165,200 WON, approximately $138 USD
Chansung is at 148,000 WON, approximately $123 USD
Junho is at 146,000 WON, approximately $122 USD

Here are the rules to bidding:
If the item is 10,000 – 2,000,000 WON (approx $8 – $1,666 USD), you must be bid from 100 – 5,000 WON (approx $0.083 – $4 USD)
If the item is 2,000,000 – 5,000,000 WON (approx $1,666 – $4,165 USD) , you must bid from 100 – 10,000 WON (approx $0.083 – $8 USD)
If the item is 5,000,000 WON + (approx $4,165 USD +), you must bid from 100 – 20,000 WON (approx $0.083 – $17 USD)


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