kangin’s involved again in an accident!

sadly, Kangin of SuJu met an accident las 16th of October this year. Local news stated that he was drunk and driving whet he accidentally hits and then run.. but then, 6 hours later, he finally surrenders to the police.

MBC‘s news program “Good Day” was able to get a short interview with the victim on the 19th. It attracted attention as Kangin’s agency, SM Entertainment, requested for them to stop their interview, in a phone call, during their interview.

The victim stated that,

I think it was a hard collision. In my senses, it felt like he raised his speed and hit the back. … I did not see it, but because he ran away by himself, he must have been the only one in his car.

And as for Leeteuk being the leader, really felt a great responsibility for what happened to kangin. (i hope Leeteuk don’t blame himself for what happened)


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  1. Oh my god loved reading your blogpost. I added your rss to my reader.

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