k-pop today!

G-Dragon’s first solo concert tickets sold out in just 10 minutes!

g-dragon’s “Shine a Light” concert was the ultimate anticipated concert of the year. As for the first round of tickets was n sale, the tickets were sold out in just 10 minutes to 12,000 fans. The concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium were many k-pop artists also held their concerts.

As the YG Entertainment stated that,

“We tried to give more fans a chance to come this time. We had more seats available than the Big Bang concerts but it still sold out immediately.”

For G-Dragon fans, there is still a round two for the tickets but I think it will be harder than the first round for many fans (like me xD) want to spend my 2 december night with him.. :(( (but of course i can’t for i’m here in phils.) He will stage his concert on December 5th and 6th this year.

New k-pop girl group, F(x) to release their first album!

The new girl group, f(x) releases their first album with the carrier single, <La Cha Ta>. The groups aim is to be known as the “Asia’s pop dance group”. And we can really see that they’re on the track for their dream as they have many endorsments for cellphones, sports brands and other CFs. Recently, they also released their didgital single <Chocolate Love> for LG chocolatephone. They will release their album entitled <Chu~♡> this November 9th!

So guys check it out! (they’re so damn good! I’ve watched their mv on arirang!) ❤

here’s a little gift just for you guys! :DD


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