dara of 2ne1 & g-dragon of big bang debuts as solo artists!


Sandara Park member of the female k-pop group 2ne1 recently released her solo digital single entitled <kiss>. The song was used for the cf of Cass Beer and was endorsed by Dara herself, and Lee Min-ho of Bof. And guess what guys? Sandara’s got to kiss Lee Min-ho in their cf! (i so envy her now!) haay… just check it out for yourselves guys..

HOW i WiSH i WAS WiTH LEE MiN-HO AND NOT DARA!! i hope i can get to kiss him someday.. (hopes are high) :((

so damn hot lee min-ho.. xDD

here’s another vid.. from behind the scenes.. with the lyrics just for you guys! :)) [courtesy of youtube]


g-dragon of BigBang debuted as a solo artist with the title track <heartbreaker>. after playing the role of a leader to his group BigBang of YGEntertainment, he recently released an album with the title track <heatbreaker>. He was also rumored that he was going well with Dara of 2ne1, a.k.a the female counterpart of the group BigBang. (i hope it’s true so i can have t.o.p and lee min-ho by myself! haha.. xD just kidding!)

here’s the lastest song of G-Dragon courtesy of youtube.

i so love k-pop!


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One Response to dara of 2ne1 & g-dragon of big bang debuts as solo artists!

  1. gettrucked08 says:

    i just wanna kiss..
    i never wanna miss..

    kiss by dara.. :))

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