K-POP is in! ;D

have you noticed some differences these days?

(usually here Philippines :))

-> well actually it’s not the first, but k-pop really boomed here! 😀 (and I’m really glad it did!) because the first time k-pop entered the music scene here, only the songs of Rain (a.k.a Bi) were really appreciated by the Filipino fans. But thanks to the korean drama Boys Over Flowers (BOF), the songs from the soundtrack of the said drama was really liked by many. (especially ME!) haha.. so any way, so long for the long history..

->i just want to share all the k-pop knowledge in me so every k-pop lovers or to be can enjoy the real happiness of being a k-pop lover.. 😀 ENJOY!


1. Again & again – 2PM (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

2. Because I’m Stupid – SS501 (Bof ost)

3. Brand new day (Bof ost)

4. Deja Vu – SS501 (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

5. Do You Know – Someday (Bof ost)

6. Extreme – Lee Min-ho

7. Fight the Bad Feeling – T-max (pnka gs2 q)

8. Fire – 2NE1 (nsa myx 2)

9. Goodbye my Love – 8eight (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

10. Juliette – SHINee (rem8k ng deal w/ it ni corbin bleu)

11. A little – Suh Jin Young (Bof ost)

12. Lollipop – 2NE1 with Big Bang (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

13. Love is Fire – Kara (Bof ost)

14. Lucky – Ashily (Bof ost)

15. Making a lover – SS501 (Bof ost)

16. Map the Soul – Epik High (english lhat ng lyrics, astig ksi ang fluent nlng mg.english khit pure koreans clang 3)

17. My Everything – Lee Min-ho (angra ngproununciation ni minho sa word na everything ee.. :DD)

18. Nobody – Wonder Girls (pnka sikat na k-pop, i want nobody, nobody but u!)

19. One More time – Tree Bicycles (Bof ost)

20. Paradise – T-max (Bof Bof “>ost, opening theme ng Bof)

21. Sorry, sorry – Super Junior (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

22. Stand by Me – SHINee (Bof ost)

23. Starlight Tears – Kim Yoo Kyung (Bof ost, lging pnp2g2g pg SoEulm8s tym na)

24. U R Man – SS501 (ang cute n2, lalu n pgcnsaiaw ni Kim Hyeon-Jung)

25. Warning – SS501

26. What Do I Do – JiSun (Bof ost)

27. Without a heart – 8eight (npnuod q lng sa arirang)

28. Wish You’re my love – T-max ft. J (Bof ost)

29. Yearning of the Heart – A’st1 (Bof ost)

30. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls

31. In the Club – 2ne1

32. It’s You – Super Junior

33. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

34. Why I like You – Super Junior

35. Indian Boy – Mc Mong

36. Love Disease – Super Junior

37. Jun Be Ok – T-Max

38. I’m Going to Meet Her – Kim Sang Bum

39. Genie – Girl’s Generation

40. Gee – Girl’s Generation

->if you still want to know more just leave you comment.. bashing is not allowed.. :)) this is purely for satisfying my addiction towards k-pop.. k? :DD and oh please do try to listen to these songs.. they’re great! i still have more songs.. just tired of typing them down..

-> by the way, i’m a big fan of these k-pop groups: Super Junior (i really adore them!! wohohoo!!), U-Kiss, FT Island, Big Bang, 2ne1, Brown Eyed Girls, Hot Issue, 4minutes, 8eight and so on,, ahaha!! ang dami kasi ee.. :DD

->thanks for reading my blog.. don’t forget to leave comments! they are highly appreciated.. :DD


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2 Responses to K-POP is in! ;D

  1. immortalsoul123 says:

    Wow… KPOP fan in the Philippines…
    Ayos yan…
    Ipagpatuloy! hehe…
    I’m immortalsoul123 from Philippines too… and I’m a Super Junior fan. Nice to meet you!

    • gettrucked08 says:

      nys nys!! haha..suju ka din? haha..
      addict aq sa knila.. all of their songs in the 3rd album ai nsa iPod q.. :DD
      o diba? haha.. slmat sa comment!!

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